Tips for buying a coffee grinder and espresso machine

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When people start getting serious about launching a coffee shop, they think about buying needed equipment for it. But one of the greatest mistakes they make, is buying wrong equipment. Here we present you some important guidance for you to reduce your mistakes.


  • Buy a coffee grinder, not a blender.
  • Be careful about trusting the labels.
  • Don't worry to spend more than you think you should.
  • Coffee grinders can be just as good.
  • Start your coffee shop with a stepped grinder.


We obsess over ethically sourced beans and the purity of our water, use up all of our funds on fancy espresso machines and overpriced pour-over filters, and spend hours reading academic articles about extraction times. The grinder often comes as a last thought. All we need is something that turns whole beans into grounds.


Care about making mistakes


Using the wrong grinder in a coffee shop is considered as a great neglect. Don’t do that. The five tips below will help you pick out and buy the best grinder for your coffee shop and as a result, improve the quality of your coffee.


  1. Buy coffee grinder, not a blender


Remember that you’re looking for a grinder, not a blender. Consistency is the most important quality of the grind for your coffee shop. Many people believe that a consistent grind of the appropriate size is the most crucial feature of brewing coffee in a coffee shop. It doesn’t matter how good your beans, water, and extraction are. If your grind is messed up, your resulting drink will be, and your customer will be angry too.


Actually we want to say that blade grinders will not give you a consistent grind. Don’t even think about them. Burr grinders are the only way to go.


Another significant disadvantage of blade grinders is that they can seriously alter the taste of your final product due to overheating. The heat resulting from the friction and speed of a blade grinder damages the beans. At best, it significantly reduces their aroma and flavor. More typically, you’ll end up with something that tastes sour and burned, and it will make your customer unpleased.


  1. be cautious about trusting the labels


In a world of fake equipment, product labels are just as suspicious. Watch out for false burrs marketed as real burr grinders.


Burrs should have sharp edges that cut the beans using opposing force, but fake burrs simply crush the beans until they break. Their motors are often inadequate, and the burrs themselves aren’t usually stable. The result is both an inconsistent grind and a machine that isn’t durable.


Save yourself the numerous hassles of a bad machine and think of your grinder as an investment. You may have to spend a little bit more up front, but buying a grinder that will produce better coffee and last for several years, will cost a lot less in the long run. This leads to the next tip


  1. Don’t worry to spend more than you think you should


As a general rule, you should plan to spend as much on your first grinder as you would an entry. So you if you have to buy an espresso machine with more money, don't be hesitated. Your total budget should allocate about 50% for the espresso machine and 50% for the coffee grinder. As the quality of your machine rises so should the quality of your grinder, but you can decrease the percent of your budget spent on one.


This prevents the problem some people find themselves in when they spend all their money on a great machine and realize they can’t afford a grinder to go with it.

Even if you typically brew using less expensive equipment such as a French Press, Chemex, or Aeropress, don’t let the price of a high-quality grinder intimidate you. A good one can last for several years and hundreds of doses, adding just a few cents to the cost per cup. That’s a small price to pay for a vast improvement in taste. Coffee grinder taken apart on a table


  1. Industrial grinders can be just as good


If you are on a tight budget, one way to cut costs is to consider a grinder. Many grinders on the market these days combine beautiful design with practical technology. They are easily portable, and you can put them in every proper place in your coffee shop, it would be perfect for you. Plus, they can be a lot less expensive.


The biggest advantage of such coffee grinders is that it doesn't a lot of time and effort to grind coffee beans. You can spend little time cranking the burrs for lots of cups of coffee). If you’re are going to make coffee for your customer as soon as possible, then get up soon and use this grinder to grind beans in a few minutes.


People might admire how thorough and delicious is your coffee, and they will appreciate your coffee shop job as a perfect one. In fact with an automatic grinder, you have grounds ready in just a few seconds with one touch of a button.


  1. Start your coffee shop with a perfect grinder


Whenever you decide to buy a grinder for starting your coffee shop, consider starting with a perfect and stepped one. Stepping just refers to how you adjust the grind size. Stepped grinders have distinct “clicks” on the product which alter the grind from course to fine.


Stepless grinders have no “click” settings, so every adjustment can be very small, and the overall grind size can be tailored perfectly to your liking. While this does give you more control, trying to dial in an appropriate grind becomes a lot more difficult, especially if you’re switching between different brewing methods.


You should start with a stepped grinder because it will give you a better general idea of how you should size for each type of brew. When you’re grinding for a coffee, and an espresso machine, in fact you are trying to make your customer have fun with coffee. Of course it can be difficult to make all customers pleased. But you must try it and do your best in your coffee shop.


Installment sale of coffee grinder


Some people may don't have enough money to buy coffee grinder and espresso machine. So they can use Installment sale. While this method have some problems, but of you are determined to start your coffee shop and you don't have much money, so you have no other choice except coffee grinder od espresso maker installment sale.




Buying and using a perfect coffee grinder and espresso machine is one of the most important parts of brewing great coffee in a coffee shop. It can just be done with perfect equipment. Once you’ve started your coffee shop and buying your equipment, use purified water for coffee you make, and grind to just the right size. Then you will be well on your way to make some of the best coffee for your customers.


Seriously, it doesn’t take much to become an awesome coffee shop barista. For more info on how you can start making café-quality beverages for yourself, check out these steps more precisely again to get started brewing coffee at coffee shop.





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