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How create my online shop? Free Social commerce Platform Selldone Vs. Paid Ecommerce Platform Shopify

Selldone, as an eCommerce platform, acts as an angel for company growth. Whether you own a small brick-and-mortar business or a huge corporation, you must market your goods on the internet. Selldone previously created online stores with reduced operating expenses and better flexibility. Furthermore, we give an ever-improving e-commerce management toolchain with new features added every week, such as integrating store administration and a visual programming interface to develop bespoke automation processes or AI integration.


How select the best eCommerce platform?

Shopify is the biggest eCommerce platform in the market. WordPress is just CMS and not design for eCommerce at its core. Webflow, Wix, and most other platforms are website builders with some eCommerce features (like accepting payment, checkout, cart, etc.). But Shopify and Selldone (a new player) design as commerce platforms in their core and DNA. Also, they offer vast page and site builder features like landing page designer and SEO tools.

It depends on your approach to having a professional eCommerce or just a website with some payment integration. Shopify offers 14 days free, and Selldone provides a lifetime free plan. Shopify is an e-commerce platform, and Selldone is a socialized commerce platform.

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Today, Selldone offers a super-easy-to-use platform that is integrated and equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and the internet of things. Selldone's excellent tools simplify and speed the whole process for buyers and business owners, from placing an order to delivering items and managing inventory.


Selldone – Community commerce platform


Selldone is an all-in-one, ready-to-use community commerce platform where business owners can create their own professional online shop and create PWA web apps without coding. Selldone, as an eCommerce platform, operates as an angel for the growth of businesses. Whether you have a small brick-and-mortar store or a large company, you need to showcase your product on the internet. Selldone used to build online stores with lower operating costs and greater flexibility. In addition, we provide an always-improving e-commerce management toolchain that gains new features every week, like integrating store administration and visual programming interface to create custom automation processes or AI integration.


When compared to other platforms, the advantages of no code, template, and plugin allow retailers to get online quickly and easily. There is no code, so it is accessible and scalable; there is no template, so it is simple, and there is no plugin, which saves time. In terms of pricing, We provide a plan that is free for all users at all times. Starting from the beginning is free, allowing SMBs and entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, particularly those in underdeveloped nations. There is no need for them to invest money or employ a developer to create their internet store. It's as simple and quick as opening an Instagram account and uploading an image.

The most important things to consider while choosing the best eCommerce software

Efficacy and experience level

Before committing to an eCommerce platform, do your research. Choosing a platform that is easy to use is important if you do not have a lot of technical skills. Consider the ease of building a great eCommerce site using the platform you choose.

Analyses and data visualization reports

If you choose an eCommerce platform, make sure it has built-in analytics that can easily measure the eCommerce KPIs that are most important to your business. Using a web analytics system, you should be able to measure the average order value, sales conversion rates, client lifetime value, and more.



Pages built with a page builder, a content management system, and responsive layouts

By August 2021, the United States will have over 170 million mobile phone subscribers. , this figure is expected to reach 187.5 million by the year 2024. A mobile-friendly eCommerce shop is essential because of the increasing use of mobile devices for making purchases. Customers should be able to easily explore your site and make a purchase using their mobile devices.

Mobile-friendly and search engine optimization tools

Shopify's search results should include the company name and the products and services you offer. As a result, you'll require an eCommerce platform that's SEO-friendly. For organic traffic, look for options that let you use your name, collect and publish client testimonials, and contribute content (such as blogs).

Ecommerce platforms that accept payments

Customers are more likely to finish their purchases if they have a choice of payment options available. Ensure your eCommerce platform supports local payment gateways and standard payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay if your site is worldwide.

Community, support, and content are all interconnected.

No matter whatever cloud-based eCommerce platform you use, you'll eventually need help. The ability to get aid quickly and efficiently when needed is crucial. You won't require assistance if your site goes down. Live chat, email, and phone are just a few of the self-help options available on your eCommerce platform.

Integrations of apps and services

Link with applications is another vital element to consider when choosing the most advanced eCommerce platform. It is possible to extend the functionality of your eCommerce platform by integrating third-party services. It is also essential that your eCommerce platform connects with the other technologies you already use, such as email marketing and accounting software.

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