Everything about buying a Clash of Clans account

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Clash of clans

These days, the game and game industry has become one of the largest industries in the world. The name Clash of Clans along with the Clash of Clans account has been among the most popular games for several years. Many gamers around the world are so familiar with Clash of Clans that some are more focused on the game and only switch to other games when they are waiting for the maps to open and attempt to attack.

The game's developer, Supercell, claims that the game generates $ 2.5 million a day. Considering the millions of players in this game, not only the manufacturer, but also many players have earned money from this game in different ways; For example, some people earn money by keeping the game online in other people's accounts and gaining the opportunity to attack, and it is said that in developed countries, this income can reach up to $ 2,000 a month! Some also make good money by raising their accounts and then selling them. Every supply has a demand. Of course, in the meantime, the number of people who decide to spend money for this game and decide to buy a clash account is not small.


Important points about buy Clash of Clans account


Here are some key points about buying a clash account; if a person wants to buy an account, it is better to consider the following before doing so to avoid any possibility of wasting money and time.


clash of clans account


  • Search

Purchasing a clash of clans account is an important issue, especially since the price of the accounts is not a small amount. Do not settle for a specific account to purchase; Browse as much as possible on Clash Account purchase sites; Keep an eye on the prices and features of different accounts and constantly compare to make the most profitable decision. If you are considering a specific price range, look for the highest level in the same range. It is true that sellers have spent a lot of time and money to upgrade their account, but in certain cases, for personal reasons such as financial problems, they decide to reduce the price of the account in order to sell it faster. If you are always alert and searching, you may be the lucky buyer of such accounts.


  • Pay attention to detail

The low price of a clash of clans account should not cause you to buy it blindfolded; anyway, you're going to play with it after the purchase and upgrade it further. Starting with a strong account allows you to make the most of your potential and show your best, because failure in this game has many consequences. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Town Hall level
  2. villagers and barracks level
  3. Number of builders
  4. Number of gems


  • Give lower level accounts a chance

A professional clash player knows that not everything is the stage in this game. Sometimes an account with a lower status may have more potential for a better position. So when you are buying a clash account, do not consider only the level number.


  • After purchasing the account, change its information

You will log in to the account you have purchased by getting your ID, password and necessary items. After purchasing a Clash account, instead of playing and enjoying, the first thing you should do is change the account information so that the seller can no longer log in or sell it to other people. Once you have purchased the account and changed its information completely, you can play in it with ease.

The first thing you should avoid doing is buying from irrelevant sources. Never go to a social media ad to buy. These ads are often fake and only cause you to lose your capital.


For this reason, it is always the best option to buy from Clash of Clans account buying and selling sites; but it is not difficult for business people to build a fake site and more fake ads. The point is to make sure the site is credible; otherwise you may lose your capital and do not even get an account.


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