Corona test prices for flights and the best in-house testing companies

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The Corona flight test is one of the requirements that everyone should consider for international and sometimes domestic travel. After the coronary heart disease affected the whole world, international organizations tried to prevent important transmission of the virus by following important rules, one of which was to perform the test 48 hours before the flight. For this reason, many centers that provided nursing and medical services, tried to provide the conditions by providing a corona test for flight so that people can travel safely and without worries.

Is the corona test for flight different from the usual corona test?

When it comes to the corona test for flight, everyone thinks that this test is different from the usual corona test. It is good to know that this thinking is completely wrong and there is no change in the way the test is performed. The corona test is performed as follows:

First, the nurse collects the throat mucosa using a special swab. Sometimes the nurse decides that the throat mucosa is enough for sampling, and sometimes it decides to collect the nasal mucosa as well.

He then places the swab in a special tube and sends it to the laboratory.

As you can see, this test is very simple and allows you to enter other countries.


nursino Company is one of the reputable companies that provides nursing, treatment and medical services. The company is designed to be with people so that they can regain their health or undergo medical tests. nursino offers a wide range of services, the most important of which are enema services, debridement services, physiotherapy services and nursing services. Following the outbreak of coronary heart disease, the company also added flight coronation testing to its services to provide a safe environment for applicants and reduce their pre-flight stress.

Is the corona test for nursino flights approved by the airlines?

It is good to know that due to the fact that this company has obtained the necessary licenses from the relevant organizations, its test answer is almost approved by all airlines. Test results are sent to applicants in less than 6 hours via SMS or WhatsApp, which allows travelers to have enough time to focus on pre-trip tasks.


One of the oldest and most reputable centers that provides nursing and medical services is Darmankadeh Company. At this site, various doctors are introduced and patients can receive their medical services from them. One of the things that makes the clinic stand out compared to other companies is the ability to share opinions. These tips will help people make the decision to see a particular doctor.

The clinic also added new flight corona testing services to its services to provide better conditions for passengers. Applicants must submit their application to the company and then in a very short time the necessary coordination to perform the test will be done with them and the test answer will be sent in a short time.



homeca , formed by a group of graduates of Sharif University and Tehran University of Medical Sciences, has set its motto as a colleague, assistant in care and treatment and testing. The company strives to help people benefit from home health care, which greatly reduces the need to attend health care.

 The company provides flight corona testing services to applicants and sends them the answer in a short time. The answer of this test is approved by most airlines, however, it is recommended to check the approved airlines before performing the test.


resaa , like the centers mentioned above, offers a variety of medical services to applicants. Applicants can benefit from the online visit services of this system and this issue has a great role in treatment. Because patients can talk to their doctor and take treatment without any worries. Delivery also provides in-flight corona testing services for passengers. The answer to the corona test for flight is sent to passengers in a short time and the answer is approved by most airlines.


So far we have tried to provide a suitable answer to the question: "Corona test price for flight and the best test companies at home". As you can see, different companies do corona testing for flight, the most important of which are Nersino, Humka, the clinic and the delivery company. All these centers provide the conditions for the test to be performed in a short period of time, and then the test results are sent to the applicant in a shorter period of time. Also, the testing of these centers is approved by almost all airlines, however, it is recommended to check the approved airlines before testing.


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