The necessity of consuming fruits and vegetables for the body

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From the past to the present, fruits and vegetables have been recognized as essential components of any diet. As a result, they provide a wide range of nutrients that are necessary for the body's development and maintenance. In addition to being good sources of dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Consuming fruits and vegetables regularly promotes a healthy diet and provides the body with valuable vitamins, minerals, fiber, and secondary plant substances. Let's take a look at the disadvantages of not eating fruits and vegetables in order to better understand this issue.

Not eating fruit could cause:

  • deficient in vitamins and minerals
  • digestive problems
  • Sore muscles
  • risk of cancer increases
  • gain weight
  • develop diabetes
  • Aging skin
  • blood pressure may rise
  • have a greater risk for heart disease
  • could be headed for a depression

A lack of fruit consumption leaves you deficient in a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, E, C, and K. Vitamin C deficiency causes wounds to heal later. A healthy body will take about 30 days to heal a wound. You are not sick when you neglect eating fruits and vegetables, but your body is not healthy enough to function properly. As a result, your healing process may take longer.


Fruit and vegetable imported for domestic consumption

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University conducted a study on eating fruits and vegetables; the results were not promising. Only 11 percent of the adults consumed the USDA-recommended serving of fruits and vegetables per day. It is recommended to consuming fruits and vegetables daily.


In light of the importance of fruits and vegetables, some people may attribute not eating fruit to its price or unavailability. This is somewhat true. Today, with the increase in population and variety of fruits and vegetables, each country alone cannot meet its domestic consumption needs only through agriculture and domestic production. As a result, the share of fruit and vegetable imports in exports and imports is much higher than in the past. The lack of agricultural water supplies, fertile fields, and adverse climatic conditions force governments to import large quantities of these products in order to meet domestic needs. At the same time, governments are aware of the importance of fruit consumption and its impact on the general health of society, and a large budget is spent annually on the import of these products for each country.

Fruit and vegetable supplier

One of the most important concerns of importers and suppliers is their fresh and quality fruits and vegetables. Among the issues that are taken into consideration by importers and exporters are health and quality as well as fair prices. Nevertheless, we must pay special attention to the quality offered by fruit supply companies as well as the cost of importing fruits and vegetables. Fruit export company should offer the quality and health of its products along with reasonable prices. Consuming fruits and vegetables daily require fresh products. Therefore, during transporting products, companies must ensure the health of fruits and vegetables. One of these companies that have done very well in the fruit export business is Vira Fruits Company, which focuses on quality until delivery along with a reasonable price. The company is known for supplying fresh fruits and vegetables in the Middle East and the Gulf countries, and you can easily trust them to supply agricultural products.


Better choice

As mentioned, one of the main reasons for importing is the need for goods and the inability to manufacturing them domestically. In the production of agricultural products, it should be considered that the time and costs spent on domestic production are less than the import of this product. All agricultural production problems, from the lack of planting conditions to the lack of skilled labor, have high costs for countries, and therefore the import of these products is often a better choice.


Global market suppliers

There are times when fruit suppliers offer higher prices regardless of product quality in order to maximize profits, which can also lead to a good customer base due to the global demand for agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, there are companies like Zespri, Vira fruits and Salix, that export fruits and vegetables that offer quality and excellent services along with reasonable prices. If you are looking for one of these companies, Vira Fruits Company is an apple exporter that you can cooperate in this field. Vira Fruits is a supplier of fruits and vegetables with good quality and reasonable prices, which exports a lot to many countries, including India and Dubai. This company has many exports to Middle Eastern countries, and onions are one of their most popular vegetables. Iranian onion, which is widely exported by Vira Fruits Company among India and the Gulf countries, is of high quality and is offered among Vira Fruits agricultural products.

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