The best Iranian digital currency wallet was introduced

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You probably also know about the fascinating digital currency market, and you know that it has grown significantly recently and has attracted a lot of people. But to be able to invest in this wonderful market, you need a wallet. we want to check the KIFPOOL or  wallet to know  first what  is a wallet and what wallet is more suitable for Iranian and non-Iranian users. But the interesting point is that we want to introduce the best Iranian digital currency wallet so that you can use it to perform all your transactions with very high security and easily.

Many digital currencies transfer control of an individual's assets to the individual through a wallet, so, users should be very careful in choosing a wallet. As you have heard in some news, some wallets are not very secure and can jeopardize your capital. But what is the solution? What is the best option for Iranians?

Introducing the best Iranian digital currency wallet

Many wallets only support multiple digital currencies and only support popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Atrium Tether and  etc. so, people are looking for a better solution through until they can perform all their transactions. Then use wallets that support more digital currencies so you don't have to worry about trading.

If you do a Google search, you will definitely find that there are many wallets for some digital currencies such as Bitcoin that are very difficult to choose them. Of course, this choice is a little more difficult for Iranian users than other users. Because of the sanctions that have been imposed, the exchange offices do not allow access to Iranian users. so, when you are using the wallet, it must be accessed through another software with a different IP. But experience has shown that some user accounts that belonged to Iranian users have been blocked and their capital has been in trouble. So your choice can be very important.


According to studies, a platform has recently been provided for Iranian users in which they can perform all their transactions without any worries. KIFPOOL.ME is a platform that has started operating depending on the needs of Iranian users. The features that this wallet provides to users are very similar to foreign wallets and in some cases it provides more features to its users. This issue made us think about writing an article about this Iranian digital currency wallet.

Digital currency wallets

In the past, users had a lot of trouble using wallets. So, some of their accounts were blocked. But with start of this site, all the problems of Iranian users will be solved.

Let's get a little more familiar with this system. KIFPOOL.ME system started operating in winter 1999 and believed that a platform should be provided for Iranian users so that they do not have to worry about losing their assets.

A slogan that they have been able to act on and now they have a position where many users do not think about using foreign wallets and use KIFPOOL.ME for all their activities in the digital currency market.

The remarkable thing that many users of this system have mentioned is their excellent support team. According to the research that was done, many users are completely satisfied with the services provided by this system, and the biggest feature of it was the Persianness of all facilities and access menus.

This news is certainly very gratifying for Iranians working in this field. On the other hand, with having all these features, any user can easily use this system at any level.

Features of the best Iranian digital currency wallet (KIFPOOL.ME)

The first and best Iranian wallet has been implemented by local experts and offers its users countless possibilities. Some of the features mentioned below are just a few of its unique features.


  • Legal person and natural person can have their own wallet.
  • Using each account, you can create different wallets to store different digital currencies.
  • Membership and using of the system features is free.
  • No fee is charged for the maintenance and storage of digital currencies.
  • With very high security you can easily access your digital currency wallet.
  • You can keep all the passwords of the approved currencies without any problem and the security system of this service guarantees this service.
  • An important feature is the hassle-free and risk-free maintenance of digital currencies.
  • Sanctions will not have any effect on this system.
  • You can keep any kind of digital currency for a long time.
  • The system is always available for you and there is no risk of filtering or shutting down the site.
  • All user information is stored in KIFPOOL.ME system with privacy.
  • Any type of digital currency can be converted to other digital currencies.
  • In the best Iranian digital currency wallet, you can increase your balance in Rials and buy and sell digital currencies.
  • In another possibility, you can buy and sell all currencies in Tomans.
  • The system uses secure banking portals and has all the necessary licenses.

As it mentioned above, these are just some of the attractive and unique features of this system that has been designed and implemented with purposing of helping Iranian users. Many users have had numerous requests about how to secure their wallets. By using KIFPOOL.ME system, security and attractive and exciting facilities are provided to users to continue their activities in this thriving market.

Introducing the best Iranian digital currency wallet

Undoubtedly the most popular digital currency is Bitcoin. Even due to its great growth, it has made a lot of people want to move towards this amazing digital currency. As we are writing this  matter, Bitcoin has reached a new frontier with very good growth. Then it went down a bit and is now peaking again. So it gives a unique opportunity to all people to be able to multiply their capital. Whenever you are reading this article, you can choose this digital currency for investment with a little reflection.

Many Iranian users are interested in this digital currency and buy it for profit, but they do it with stress. Be aware that when you use foreign wallets, there are countless dangers for you. As it mentioned, the sanctions made the users with Iranian identities threaten to close their accounts at any moment.

Complete security with the best Iranian digital currency wallet

Surely Iranian users will be very happy after reading this article that they will not have any of these worries anymore. KIFPOOL.ME system guarantees its users that they keep their assets and information with the highest level of security.

At the moment, users do not need to pay for using the services of this system and can use all the services for free. So if you are planning to invest in an exciting digital currency market, we recommend that you use a service that provides security and do not worry about losing your assets.

With easy and simple accessing, users will not have any problems when they are using this system. But if there is any problem for them, 24-hour support is provided to these people to answer any questions and problems.

You can use KIFPOOL.ME for any of the digital currencies like Ethereum ETH, Ripple XRP, Dugecoin and countless other currencies. You can get more information and familiarity with the environment of this system right now by visiting the KIFPOOL.ME to learn more about its features.





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