Affiliate marketing – a substitute or complementary of marketing

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-by Jobayer

What is Marketing and Affiliate Marketing?


Marketing, simply, is the process of selling products and services to the ultimate users. In broadly marketing is a tool by which supplier reaches products or services to consumers through mixing of four 4ps:

  • Price
  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion

Price is the only marketing element which generates revenue rather than other elements. It is set covering all types of cost like fixed and variable plus profit margin. Without price others elements are valueless. So price is the important factor of marketing.

Product is the only physical existing element for which all elements stand on. Without product there is no question about what price should be determined or in what palace it should be marketed or what media should be used for promotions.

Place is another element which covers the distance between suppliers and final users. It's mostly related to cost generated marketing elements for which we pay more than production cost in the marketplace.

Promotion is another marketing element by which people are known about products and services rendered by multinational companies. It is also a cost generated element for which we can know about products and services before purchasing.

People who are engaged in all marketing factors rendering service to reach product and services to final users in exchange of salary earned periodically.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is rather simple, one kind of online marketing of someone else's products or services in exchange of commission gained from closed deals. For affiliate marketing you have to follow two steps. 

In first step, you have to find a smart or nice product or service that offers an affiliate program.

 In the second step, you have to send targeted and potential customers to the website of that product and service using a unique tracking link. 

Then you get a percentage commission on the sale of that product and services if that targeted customer meets the final stage of purchase that ends up making every single purchase.

Affiliate Marketing- Substitute or Complementary of Marketing?

  • Marketing is theoretical more than Affiliate marketingbecause of having different learning processes. Marketing is an institutional based learning program under the school of business department. Whereas affiliate marketing is an online based program by which anyone can earn commission for selling products of someone else through sharing affiliate links to people who engaged in shopping online turned into deals closed. For Example, Amazon provides the biggest affiliate program like Amazon prime student offer.
  • Marketing is one kind of physically based earning process in which a sales representative or marketing manager on behalf of a company provides product and services to its final user. On the other hand, affiliate marketing is one kind of digital marketing in which there is no need of representing products or services physically on behalf of companies. Just needed a affiliate links taken from eCommerce sites. It is also known that nowadays online store owners prefer one of the best WooCommerce plugins to increase sales to other digital marketing automation processes.
  • Marketing process starts with selling products and services physically or digitally to end users through applying strategic plans from production to final consumers. In the marketing process some cost will be raised against purchasing products for reselling and advertising cost and drop shipping cost etc. Whereas affiliate marketing starts without money. Through finding a niche affiliate marketing is started then selecting an affiliate link, then marketing the link through traffic sources like Facebook, Twitter, Chabot, and other social networking sites in where you are most engaged with. Finally earned commission after successful transaction of someone else's products.
  • Marketing job requires an institutional degree and outstanding results encompassing smart looking and good communication skills as well as affordability to start. Whereas affiliate marketing requires an appropriate affiliate program by which to obtain unique affiliate links to share those links to get commission in every transaction completed using those links.

In conclusion we can summarize that affiliate marketing is both a substitute and complementary of marketing. Affiliate marketing a substitute or complementary of marketing depends on taking it as profession or recreation.

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