What country owns the most cryptocurrency?

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Of all the cryptocurrencies that investors can invest in, the most popular is Bitcoin (BTC), which currently has a market value of $ 1.15 trillion. The value attributed to cryptocurrencies can vary wildly depending on various market aspects. In spite of fluctuations in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is now the most beneficial cryptocurrency on the market.

Bitcoin is a kind of digital currency that is believed an alternative to Fiat money. Because central banks control the portion of paper money printed, it provides central banks more power over the economy. Even though Bitcoin isn’t widely utilized in the economy, it gets its worth from many different aspects. By comparing gold and bitcoin, it can be seen that both of them hold very specific benefits and are restricted in quantity. Bitcoin can be as long-lasting as other precious metals. However, it is more transportable compared to metals, more accurately split, and in some cases safer. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins have value as they can act as a unit of interaction and storage of value. Because Bitcoin is eligible as a currency, it can have a specific amount of value. One of the primary grounds is the lack of bitcoin supply. The highest number of bitcoins that can be mined is just less than 21 million. This level of lack causes the value and cost of the Bitcoin market to rise significantly.


There is a lot of skepticism about who has the most cryptocurrencies. Some think that most of them belong to exchange offices, funds, or large mining companies that use their situation to impact the market to their advantage. The big capital investors in cryptocurrencies, known as "whales", are usually institutions such as Hedge Funds and mutual funds, which usually create waves in the market for small investors.

But there are numerous users who, using their collective investment in bitcoin, have placed specific countries on the cryptocurrency map due to their substantial amounts of digital coins. According to analysts, many crypto investors own bitcoins. In the following, we will talk about the countries with the most investors in Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Top countries with the most Bitcoin holders

The United States

At the present, the United States is a place for many cryptocurrency efforts and movements, with considerable exchanges, trading media, funds, cryptocurrency mining structures, and blockchain-based projects. As a result, the United States has the largest number of bitcoin holders of all countries. US citizens do not seem to be as interested in buying cryptocurrencies as anticipated. But given that the country has the most considerable population compared to the rest, 8% of its bitcoin owners are still enormous.


Romania is known for having a large number of international companies and industries involved in the IT sector, as well as a large number of freelance programmers and innovators. Given the country's tight connection with the technology industry, it is not unexpected that it has a well-developed customer base that engages with cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, Romania is one of the countries that have a high score among other countries that control cryptocurrencies. Given the large number of international organizations residing here, it makes sense that crypto payments would be imposed due to the low price of transactions with them abroad. It is estimated that 12% of their consumers have at least one type of cryptocurrency, of which Bitcoin is the most prevalent.


Although China has caused headlines due to its multiple crackdowns on cryptographic functions, it still holds the record for greatness in digital commerce. The country's pioneer exchanges have one of the largest volumes of bitcoins traded daily. There has been numerous news that Chinese residents are taking advantage of cheap electricity at power plants and using it to mine bitcoins. Yet, given the current regulatory measures toward cryptocurrencies, the number of holders may decrease in the future.


Spain has a considerable number of bank ATMs that support the exchange of Bitcoin in Fiat. But as positive as this evolution is for the adoption activity, it seems that only this market is favored in the country, in spite of 10% of consumers having purchased and owning some digital assets. As noted earlier, many ATMs have been installed in the country that let people buy and sell digital investments. There are 81 ATMs for managing bitcoins in Spain. This causes Spain the fifth biggest country with the highest number of ATMs established.


Japan is widely regarded as a proponent of cryptography because it is one of the few countries to realize cryptocurrencies as a means of legal payment. Due to this, large quantities of bitcoins are traded at home and abroad, and many prefer to keep them for high-yield asset possibility. The country's cryptocurrency exchanges possess one of the highest transaction traffic.

It also has one of the most influential regulatory circumstances in the world for blockchain technology and virtual coins. Exchanges wishing to operate in the country must be licensed by the Financial Services Agency (FSA), the country's regulatory entity. Currently, there are numerous companies that like to verify themselves in the country and are waiting for regulatory license from the FSA. Japan is also the second country after the US dollar to have the largest volume of exchanges against bitcoin worldwide.


Switzerland is best known for its advanced banks and monetary institutions, but now it has made clear its choice to become a digital currency center and blockchain. Swiss banks accept cryptocurrency payments, which has led many of its citizens to switch to cryptocurrencies, largely because they now have some form of safety. Switzerland has also earned an important place in the digital currency space with the laws that have been executed in its region. The city of Zug has encountered exponential increase in the number of crypto-market-related businesses working there.

South Korea

Other Asian countries that have influenced the bitcoin scene include South Korea. As the Chinese government's is not very positive about crypto trading, many have shifted their business operations to neighboring South Korea. With a proclivity for technology, the country now hosts a large number of cryptocurrencies and businesses that respond to a growing attraction to trading and using digital currencies. Bitcoin is one of the most principal cryptocurrencies exchanged and held here.

So far, the South Korean government has not taken clear action on the cryptocurrency market, although many businesses want to develop and provide new benefits to the cryptocurrency industry. One of them is Kakao, the most famous messaging app in the country. Kakao can finally combine various cryptocurrency services into its messaging application. In addition, after the US dollar and the Japanese yen, South Korea accounts for about 10 percent of all bitcoins exchanged worldwide.

What about other cryptocurrencies?

India owns more than 100 million cryptocurrency holders, more than any country. Below are the top countries with the most cryptocurrency owners in the world.

·         India with more than 100 million holders

·         The USA with more than 27 million holders

·         Russia with more than 17 million holders

·         Nigeria with more than 13 million holders

·         Brazil with more than 10 million holders

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