Tracking wounded deer– when is the right time?

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What exactly should you do after shooting a deer for hunting? The simple answer is that you should wait for the right time to track a wounded deer.

 There are some experts who suggest that:

"You should wait for at least a half-hour to an hour trailing a deer unless the downed deer is in sight."

National Bowhunter Educational Foundation states that 

"a wise bow hunter gives the animal time to expire."

Hunters have been taught to wait at least half an hour before tracking a wounded deer, however that recommendation may not always apply. Sometimes, running after an injured deer right after a shot might be the right move. It all depends on the context and the type of hit you made.

After a good double-lung hit, tracking wounded deer will be easy as it will die soon after short amount of running, but after a less conclusive shot, hunting wounded deer will be demanding as you need to follow blood trailing.

If you hit outside the chest or body cavity (neck, leg, rump, or back), then let the wounded deer run for a few minutes; after that, it will calm down, stop bleeding, and survive. If your goal is to hunt the deer without inflicting torture, do not follow that deer promptly and aggressively, as it will continue to bleed while running from you with that wound.

If you fire ashot from Barnett Crossbow, give the animal at least (12-24 hours) and if you made a liver hit, give them at least three hours before tracking them because all of these shots are lethal hits.

The muscle hit is not lethal. You can leave your animal for up to an hour before tracking. But you must be careful in this case because the muscle blood resembles in color heart or artery blood. So to avoid confusion, Remember this rule of thumb; blood from a muscle wound will be much lesser in quantity than that of the heart or an artery.

Some factors can help you understand when is the right time to track your wounded deer. These are explained below:

Find your arrow

The most important task after shooting is to find your arrow. The arrow is your primary evidence or proof. It will tell you which type of shot you made. It will help you figure out when to start tracking the wounded deer. 

Blood on the arrow

If your arrow is fully covered with blood, then it means you hit the deer too hard, and the deer will have shed blood rapidly; in this case, wait for 30 minutes before starting to track your wounded deer, and if your arrow has a little blood on it then after 10 minutes start tracking wounded deer because in that case deer will run farther, and you will end up losing it.

Blood on a track will also help you to know when is the right time to track wounded deer. Sometimes, a gutshot deer stays in the creeks and lays down to cool its stomach.

Give the animal time to die because if the deer can sense the presence of someone trailing them, they will start running again even if they are wounded. So, it's better to wait to achieve your big prize.

Type of Weather 

Some archers feel better about tracking the animal immediately in rainy or snowy weather seasonsto prevent deer lying down, and be fully covered in snow due to snowy weather or the blood trail diluting because of the rain.

Some hunters prefer to track wounded deer rapidly to cool down the meat as soon as possible when the climate is hot to avoid the meat going bad. We recommend you make judgments according to your conditions and context, to optimally track the deer and cause minimal pain and suffering. 


The trailing of wounded deer after shooting an arrow by best crossbow that is Excalibur Crossbow is intelligent play. Bowhunters often engage in deer hunting, this pursuit requires intelligence, and you want to enjoy the experience. The reward of capturing a wounded deer after your efforts is satisfying . Kids have good eyesight; bring them with you for the trail. They will help you track. Dogs are loyal pet animals and can also help you in deer tracking. Keep them with you during the hunt and at the time of the deer trail. 

If you love deer hunting, then you will enjoy this trail. Don't give up, be clever and open-minded. Keep tracking the wounded deer until you either catch the animal or are certain that the animal has died.

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