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  • Psychology of Learning - 13735-X2

    This course is designed as a study of major theories and research in the psychology of learning and memory. Included is a consideration of how learning theories have developed historically and how they apply to modern social and psychological issues. Topics include scientific methodology in the study of learning, classical and operant conditioning, biology of learning, cognitive approaches to learning, memory, motivation, and observational learning.

  • Psyc of Child & Adolescent Dev - 10312/10874/10848

    This course is an advanced examination of physical, cognitive, emotional, linguistic, and social development from infancy through adolescence. The social and cultural contexts that are important for normative development, such as families, peers, culture, ethnicity, technology, and community will be discussed.

  • Intro to Brain and Behavior - 10286/10849/10885

    This course provides an extensive introductory overview of the field of brain and behavior. The neuroscience concepts of the integrated relationship between brain and behavior are explored using both didactic and experiential approaches. The relationship of brain and behavior will be examined through a number of brain and behavior topics, such as learning, memory, sexuality, addictions and other topics. This course is designed to be the fundamental sophomore level course in the area of brain and behavior in your undergraduate program, and it is meant to provide the foundational groundwork for advanced studies in neuroscience. This course should prepare students entering graduate programs in many fields of psychology to be progressive, innovative thinkers and contributors to the science of psychology. In addition, this course should help students develop additional empathy for people experiencing any behavioral and emotional distress related to brain issues.

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