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voice message; Safe route to bypass telecommunications blacklist

Sending promotional text messages, due to the influence of mobile phones in the community, was very popular and had a good return. SMS panels, by providing the possibility of sending a large volume of SMS, met a large part of the community's need for cheap and effective advertising.


However, the provision of a feature that allowed promotional text messages to be blacklisted has gradually reduced the effectiveness of promotional text messages. The reduction of contacts and the possibility of blocking the receipt of promotional SMS, led the pioneers of this industry to create a new solution called "voice SMS" or "voice message", a suitable alternative to it.


What is voicemail and how does it bypass the blacklist?

As we mentioned, Iran Telecommunication Company provided the ability for its subscribers to voluntarily block the receipt of their promotional SMS. This has made SMS marketing a major challenge.


what's the solution?

One of these platforms that was previously mostly used for direct conversations is sending voice messages, in which a pre-recorded voice is sent to the target audience and our target phone rings and the pre-recorded message is played. This feature was originally used for banking services and sending activation codes, but has now become a new way in the advertising industry.



Advantage of voice SMS over text SMS

Voice messaging or voice broadcasting has advantages over text advertising SMS, which include the following:

With "voice broadcasting" you can easily send messages that were not sent to the blacklist. We can send promotional voice message to both mobile and landline phones, which is one of its important advantages.


In this type of advertising, the sound is recorded and played. Therefore, the tone of the speaker has a great impact on the listener.  So, the more eloquent and attractive the tone, the more effective it is. This is not possible in a text message.


On the other hand, because in this type of sending, the recipient receives the message at the moment, so it is possible to introduce what we want better, because in the method of sending a text message, the recipient may not see the SMS and not pay attention.

Your voicemail enables you to provide a large amount of information to the customer in a very short period of time, while this has limitations in text messaging. Voice SMS has settings for sending in the future. Therefore, you do not need to send every time.


Based on the explanations given, it can be concluded that voice broadcasting is a valuable and reliable way to better promote the goal. And there are possibilities that if we use them intelligently, we can introduce what we want well.

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